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Sanatana Nritya

Indian Classical Dance Bharathanatya:

Bharatanatya is a classical dance form with its roots in southern India. Which originated as the PanchamaVeda or Natyaveda has its treatise Natyashastra – the oldest written work on Dramaturgy, written by Bharata Muni dates back to 5000 years. Owing to the historical, mythological, traditional and cultural significance Classical dance enjoys the glorious richness that has been passed over generations.

With various components like Nritta – the non narrative aesthetics with hand and foot work, Natya – expressive component, Nritya – amalgamation of movements and expressions, Bharatanatya is a traditional art form which requires decades of training not only in terms of movements but also other fields of literature, music, instruments, rhythm and other elements of Dramaturgy. 

My Journey as a dancer:

At the age of 7, I started learning Bharathanatyam under the tutelage of Guru Vidushi Dr Mala Shashikanth, Founder and Director, Kaishiki Natyavahini, Bangalore, India, in the unique Nanjanagudu Parampara. With utmost importance towards Guru Shishya Parampara I was groomed with the traditional intricacies of this wonderful style of Dance, which majorly emphasizes on Bhakti Marga. Trained under my Guru for over 25 years, I had a privilege to assist and learn in close quarters with her research work related to Karnataka Nrithya Parampara.

As the advanced training I was blessed to continue learning under Guru Bharathakalamani Shri C Radhakrishna, the living legend and doyen of Kolara Parampara Nrithya.

Sculpted within authentic traditional boundaries of dance with an inquisitiveness of research, I completed my Vidwat level proficiency of Bharathanatyam under the State Board exam conducted by the Karnataka State Secondary Education Examination Board with a distinction and State Rank.
This was followed by my research in medical front using dance as a catalyst in Pain management. Therefore, as a continued passion, I completed my Masters in Bharathanatyam from Annamalai University, with my Dissertation Subject regarding the utility of Dance as a therapeutic modality. 

Major Performances:

  • Lecture Demnonstration under “Ballett Extra” for Bayerisches Staatsballet for the production “La Bayadere” as a dialogue between Indian classical dance and Western classical ballet – 2023
  • Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi, India. 2011
  • Munich Welcomes Modi – AUDI DOme 2022
  • Shri Kamakshi Ampal Temple Rathotsavam, Hamm, Germany 2023
  • International KalaMela, Surajkund, Haryana, India, 2012.
  • Manthralayam, Karnataka, India 2018.
  • Brihadeeshwara Temple, Tanjavur – South Zone Central Culturals, GOI, 2014
  • Raj Bhavan, Bangalore, India 2011
  • Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore, India 2011.
  • International Conference of Yoga and Naturopathy 2012.
  • Bangalore Gayana Sabha – Bharatha Mela,
  • Ravindra Kalaskhetra, Kannada Bhavana under Department of Kannada and Culture, Govt of Karnataka.

Awards and Laurels:

  • “KalaRathna” Award for achievements in Dance, Indian society for Martial Arts, Karnataka.
  • “NrithyaPrathibha” Award from the Samskrutha Sabha, Karnataka.
  • “Young Achiever Award” from Rotary Cosmopolitan, Bangalore.
  • “ Director General Commendation Card” (Highest award in NCC)from the Director General of India, National Cadet Core for achievements in Republic day Contingent Parade 2011. 

Major Productions: 

  • Co-ordinator for productions like Ramayana Kanda, Ekashloki Production – Encapsulation of Indian epics through Shlokas for Aarohanam Germany under the guidance of Vidwan Dr Nandakumar, Brahma Vidya Mysore.
  • Co-Conceptualisation and Co-Choreography – Arpanam : Navavidha Bhakti, Gurorpanam: Kagga-Geetha Saamya, Jaya Bharatam.
  • Co-ordinator of Dance component for Team Aarohanam Germany,
  • Part of the productions under Guru Dr Mala Shashikanth – Karnataka Nrithya Shilpa Vaibhavam, RanjiniMala, Paramparadhara, Gokula Vraja Sambhrama, Kavi Kavyollasa, Acharya Devo Bhava.
  • Lecture Demonstration – Karnataka Nrithya Parampara, Vidwat Vyakarana, Nrithya Yoga, Samskruta-Samskruti.
  • Narrator and Moderator for “Chitra Natya –  Padma Nrithya, Brindavana Nrithya the Drawing on the floor by Bharathanatyam foot work” – unique compositions in Kolara Parampara, Taught by Bharathakalani Shri C Radhakrishna and curated by his students under Karnataka Bharathagama Pratishtana, Bangalore. 

Bharathanatyam Dance classes

Nritya Vidya: Bharathanatyam for beginners, 6 years and above

Nritya Nirantara: Intermediate and advance learning of intricacies of Bharathanatyam.

Karnataka Nritya Parampara:  Intricacies and in-depth understanding of Karnataka Nritya Parampara, the traditional heritage Karnataka style of Dance. A research based learning opportunity

NrittaAbhinaya Mala – deeper Sadhana in terms of Nritta movements and Abhinaya intricacies.

FasciaNatya Methodology – Therapeutic usage of Natya movements towards pain management and injury free dancing as per the guidelines of Novel Fascianatya methodology, designed by Dr Rajyashree Ramesh, Berlin.

Bharatanatyam – Yearly contract – 60 Euros per month for kids and students. 

70 Euros – Adult batch

– Short term Intermediate advanced batch – 15 Euros per hour. 

(Allotment of the batch after discussion)

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Bharatanatyam Classes

  • Thursdays at Nirantara Ayurveda and Yogic Lifestyle – 7:00 – 18:00
  • Fridays at FC Phönix Hall. (Contact for address and details)
    17:30 – 18:30
    18:30 – 19:30

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