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Price list for Ayurveda

  • Sanatana Yukti

Lets talk about your discomfort in your body and design a plan with Ayurvedic approach to improve health as per your body constitution.

This includes: Daily regime, food recommendations,Physical exercises, CLeansing procedures as per individual specific conditions

Consultation 60 min – with Pulse diagnosis 90 Euros

  • Sanatana Arogya

A complete package of health advice tailor made to your individual body requirements. Know your body type and get personalized Ayurvedic guidelines for a healthy lifestyle as per your constitution.

Lifestyle recommendations, Prakriti Analysis with Ayurveda consultation, Diet and nutritional advices, Yogic recommendations , daily routine, breathing techniques, Recipes and herbal tea suggestions as per requirement, Cleansing modalities to improve digestion etc.


90 min 120 Euros.

  • Sanatana Kutumba:
A total Ayurvedic care package designed for your whole family to lead a life Ayurvedic life towards longevity.
  • Family package:
Consultation, Diet and Nutritional ideas, Yogic Advises and Daily regime Couple 180 Euros 2.5 hours. Couple upto 2 kids: 250 Euros (Hours may vary for a family of 4)  
  • Consultation – Student discount: 50 Euros
  • Senioren Discount – 70 Euros per consultation

Sanatana Chikitsa Regime for Longevity - External Ayurvedic Massage and treatments:

  • Abhyanga oil massage : 110 Euros 60 min Abhyanga is an oil massage procedure using herbal oils which is applied to the skin with defined strokes and specific movements. It helps with relaxation physically and helps relieve stress in the body. This also helps warming and loosening of the stiffness in the body including nourishment of skin, joints, muscles and bones.
  • Shirodhara – Oil flow over the forehead 60 minutes 120 Euros A warm jet of herbal oil poured over the forehead in a rhythmic oscillation. This relieves stress and creates inner harmony and relaxation. An intense meditative relaxation procedure combined with head massage.
  • Udvartana Powder Massage: 45 min 90 Minutes Herbal powders selected as per body constitution will be rubbed over the body creating a friction on the superficial surfca eof the skin which increases blood flow deeply. It also displaces the adhered fat under the skin and helps to bring lightness to the body. Gives a scrubbing effect on skin and smoothens the skin.
  • Pinda Sweda Stempel Massage – Local application 60 Euros, whole body 110 Euros Herbal powders, leaves and spices mixed and formed into a Pottali stamp shall be gently pressed over the body and glided over after a warm oil application to soothen the stiffness in joints and muscles. This brings in relaxation to the body and helps to rejuvenate from the body pains.
  • Kati Basti/ Greeva Basti/ Janu Basti for lower back, Neck or Knees 50 Euros. 30 min A well is created on different parts like Lower back, neck or knee using Chickpea dough and warm oil is filled up in a flowy manner. This helps to seep in deep into the skin and muscles, thereby rejuvenating the tissues with essential nourishment
  • Pain Management Ayurvedic modality – Staanika Abhyanga and/or Lepa – Localised Oil Massage 70 Euros. Herbal oil massage on specific parts of the body like shoulder neck back/ Feet / Head etc to reduce pains and relax the body. Followed by herbal paste application which helps the skin to relax reducting inflammation etc.
  • Individual Yoga therapy with Ayurvedic perspective 60min 70 Euros Abhyanga or Lepa as per requirement and Yogic practises including Pranayama breathing techniques as per individual body type combined to create harmonious deep relaxation of mind and body

Panchakarma packages

Internal cleansing or detoxing regime to reset and rejuvenate the metabolic fire and to relieve stress and inflammation caused by non- conducive lifestyle practises. This is a combination of internal cleansing with herbal ghee, teas, supplements with a strict diet and nutritional practise along with external treatments of oil massages or paste massages as per the Panchakarma layout which will be case- specific and individualistic after a thorough examination of bodily vitals including pulse diagnosis, eye, tongue and other parameters according to Ayurveda. Price depends upon the number of days and modalities planned.

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Ayurveda Time

  • Consultation on Appointment basis
  • Monday: 10:30 – 16:00
  • Tuesday: 9:30 – 18:00
  • Wednesday: 9:30 – 18:00
  • Thursday: 13:00 – 16:00
  • Friday: 11:15 – 16:00

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Terms and conditions 
Ayurveda practise in Germany is subject to preventive and lifestyle management as a complimentary system and not a substitute for conventional Medicine. This includes nutritional supplements, lifestyle guidance and preventive measures and those supporting conventional medicine and not an alternative.

Ayurveda services are privately paid and are not covered under Insurance.